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Who Doesn’t Want That

Polly B. Kind Box, FREE SHIP USA

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Your Polly B Kind Box Comes With:

Polly B Kind Tie Dye T Shirt (sz S, M, L, XL, 2X, 3X)

Kindness Cards: These cards you leave for people as an act of kindness.

Stickers: These stickers are durable and waterproof! Great for laptop, computer, notebook, keyboard, phone case, Bluetooth speaker, scrapbook, water bottle, hydro flask, luggage, skateboard, helmet, bike, refrigerator, desk, furniture, window, etc.

Lava Stone Bracelet with reusable muslin pouch.  Lava Stone Bead Bracelet-Lava bead rocks are porous making them perfect for absorbing and diffusing Essential Oils. Add a drop of your favorite oil, let it soak and enjoy its aromatherapy benefits. Can be used as spiritual meditation and religious jewelry for yoga, healing, energy and protection.

 1Colorful Chakra Volcano Stone Beads Bracelet Seven Chakra Energy Yoga Beads  Bracelet | Wish in 2021 | Chakra beads bracelet, Lava bead bracelet, Beaded  bracelets

You can send to anyone in the USA!